All of our welders are certified and Union Sheet Metal members. We offer welding of all types of alloys using TIG and MIG/MAG.

We practice spot welding using electrodes and all kinds of welding accessories.

Laser and Plasma Cutting

Cutting power combined with an agile manufacturing system.​

We provide a productive and versatile solution that offers reduced consumption and competitive operating costs as well as respecting both the environment and humankind and its work.

Sheet Metal Bending

Transforming flat pieces into complex geometric shapes.​

Sheet metal folding with ultimate CNC folding machines with punches and dies prepared for all types of radii and folds. Curved sheets with our precision roller.


±0.15 mm

Cutting tolerance

5 ft x 10 ft

Size of our cutting formats

0.3 mm - 19 mm

Cutting thickness


Nitrogen & Oxygen

We cut with nitrogen and oxygen to get faster, more precise, cleaner cuts.

+4000W via fiber

Our fiber laser generates a high power beam that allows high-speed cutting on medium and thin materials, without sacrificing quality on thicker material.

In-house production

Our facility is a productive and versatile solution that focuses on competitive costing, reduced consumption, as well as respecting the environment with energy consuption.