Turn Ideas into reality

You have an idea, we have the ability to make it happen.  Whether you are a hobbyist, start up or dreamer, let LZR Cut bring it to life.

Your idea + Our manufacturing = Unstoppable!

Innovation and creation is the fabric of society and a necessity to make the world go round.  Nothing makes us more happy than being of service to those who innovate.   

From concept and prototype to the series production, LZR Cut is with you the whole way.  

We look for ways to collaborate in the development of new products and ideas for a better future.

There are special jobs that need to go a step beyond laser cutting. That’s why we are here to offer more with bending, welding, and special requests.

We sponsor your dream

Some of the best inventions to our world came from creators.  That’s why we encourage you to take the leap and make it happen!  What do you have to lose?

 Let’s get to know each other and we will find a solution that works for you.

Tell us your story

Explain your project and express your needs and objectives. We will evaluate the best option and contact you as soon as possible.