Galvanized Steel

Technical designation

DX51+Z275, 1.0226, St. 02 Z275

Avaible Thicknesses
* 1.0mm* 1.5mm
* 2.0mm* 3.0mm

Galvanizad steel – DX51 Z275


Unfinished, Vibrated and Sandblasted.

Main features
  • Galvanized finish in both faces. Crystalline surface appearance with gray and silver tones, with galvanic protection of 275 g / m2.

  • Good corrosion resistance.

  • Easy to shape by tools, ready for welding operations.

  • Surface finish and thickness tolerance according to EN 10143

Appearance of Galvanized Steel Finishes

Galvanized Steel DX51 Z275 – Unfinished

Unfinished factory-source finish. Front side can contain smooth scratches. Back Side can contain burrs and scratches from cutting process. Back-Side deburring process available in part configurator.

Galvanized steel

– Factory-Protection included.

The Galvanized Steel, easy to recognize for its grey and silver accents, ensures greater environmental resistance without any extra surface treatment. Our galvanized steel has a galvanized protective coating layer of 275 g / m2 or 20 µm per face.

The classic applications for Galvanized Steel are in general those that need protection against humidity, oxidation and environmental contamination: Outdoor structures, light structures, parts for machinery, supports for water systems, covers, and more.

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